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Welcome to

Bestari Integrated
Islamic School 

A Centre of Excellence
for Integration of Knowledge

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7-9 Years old (Level 1)
10-12 Years Old (Level 2)


13-17 Years Old

Holistic Education For Your Child

Established in 2018, Bestari Integrated Islamic School (BIIS) is an Islamic private primary school which integrates Islamic values in each of the subjects taught. BIIS is a continuity of 'The Little Caliphs Program'. The teaching methods used by every teacher focus on 'Project Based Learning' and encourage students to use 'Active Learning' and 'Enquiry Based Learning'. Concurrently,  students experience first-hand activities that help them to find a solution to complex questions, challenges and problems. 

This experiential learning method is proven to help students acquire and retain deeper knowledge.

Bestari Integrated Islamic School is a happy, caring and calm learning environment. The Integrated Holistic Education 

System (IHES) and the Quranic Generation Development Program (QGDP)  have been implemented and are utilised in the BIIS curriculum. 

Bestari Integrated Islamic School is registered with the Islamic Religious Department and meets the Ministry 

of Education guidelines.


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Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Fri :  8am - 5pm

  • Closed on Public Holidays


  • Mon - Fri :  8am - 4pm

  • Closed on Public Holidays

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