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About Our School

Bestari Integrated Islamic School (BIIS) is a primary education institution

determined to provide quality and excellence during the

entire process of preparing children for their future education.

THe BIIS curriculum is customized to suit the needs of each student

while monitoring students’ achievements and progress.

Each student will be encouraged to unleash their potential which is a

core concept within the Philosophy, Vision and Mission of BIIS.

The medium of instruction is English with Bahasa Melayu as the

secondary language. Students also receive Arabic language exposure.

The Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES) has been implemented into the

Bestari Integrated Islamic School curriculum. IHES focuses on 'Outcome

Based Learning' on multiple levels. Immersion of knowledge, character building, skills and competency, academic achievement and application in life are essential elements of the program. 

Bestari Integrated Islamic School has also implemented the Quranic Generation Development Program (QGDP) into the curriculum. QGDP focuses on the recitation, understanding, implementation and immersion of the Quran.


To be the most preferred school due to consistently providing an integrated Islamic education in a caring and nurturing environment.

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  • To be a unique high quality education provider.

  • To provide a creative, stimulating and caring learning environment for student's continuous growth.

  • To promote love in the care of every child.

  • To unleash student's potential to be a great muslim.


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Hajjah Anita Binti Mohamed

Haji Ayoby Bin Said

Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Binti Haji Jamaluddin

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